About MomeeeZen

Hiya! I'm Kat aka MomeeeZen.

I'm a Mama, a Birth Doula and I'm married to my highschool sweetheart.

Together we have 4 beautiful, feisty kiddos.

And that's why I'm here.

Because, you know those moments when you have to choose whether you will either pull your hair out or do the opposite and go Zen?

Yeah, I have lots of those.

{I write about them here. It's uncensored, unfiltered, speak-my-truth writing...OK, you've been warned!}

Sometimes I go into pull-hair-out mode, sometimes I don't.

I am aiming to be more MomeeeZen than MomeeePulls-Hair-Out...but as I'm imagining the masters would say, "It is a way of life, a process, there is no quick fix..."

And on the days I do go all Pull-Hair-Out, I tell myself maybe I have to keep the scales balanced. Maybe.

Thanks for visiting!

~ Kat ~