Thursday, March 10, 2016

Travelling Light

This isn't going to be a long post.

Just a simple note of encouragement for parents travelling with kids who want to make it simple.

We love travelling but we really dislike the transitions in between airports or Point A to B and try to make these as easy as possible. In December we went away for a week and only took carry on. Nobody believed me, with 4 kids and 2 adults it seemed impossible. But we did. And it was actually our saving grace on our return flight as we barely made our connection! If we had needed to wait for our checked luggage we would have missed our fight for sure and added a few hundred dollars more to our expenses.

Anyways, it is possible to travel with just carry on! And I didn't really need to sacrifice much. But of course I'm not the type to wear multiple outfits a day or have the need to put my children in multiple outfits a day. Over the years I've streamlined and know what we need and don't need. And it took a bit of planning and organizing toiletries into travel sized bottles.

I just had the 9th or 10th person ask me about it today so I thought I'd make it Internet offical and say: Yes we did it!

For our second trip we've swapped the over the shoulder bags with backpacks and it's been WAY better. It helps too that our kids are old enough to help pull their own bag along.

So if you're travelling with your kids and you want to go light, then do carry oh-oh-oh on, carry on, carry on!

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