Monday, August 3, 2015

I Heart Norwex

So bear with me as I share with you what I'm up to these days!

This past month I became an independent sales consultant for Norwex. This means I am able to sell Norwex products, offer my customers private specials and discounts, hold demo parties either in client's homes or my own and most importantly (and they WHY of why I chose to join Norwex) to help spread Norwex's mission of: "Improving Quality of Life by Radically Reducing Chemicals in Our Homes." 

We are living in a chemical soup, from our food to our air, but interestingly, air pollution and quality is often much worse INDOORS. The products we use, including care products and cleaning products, all produce VOCs into the air we breathe...and depending on how toxic they are, can sometimes linger for weeks to months. These chemicals can cause breathing problems, skin irritations, and other health problems. Almost all of them come with warning labels to use in well-ventilated areas, to not get on skin, etc., etc. How many of us actually read and follow those instructions? I know I didn’t really, because you get used to it or you excuse it away as we don’t see IMMEDIATE problems. But, do we really know the long-term impacts of using these products? (1)

If we want to help our children and ourselves have less risk of health problems from these harmful chemicals we need to look at what we are using in our homes. When it came to cleaning, I used to think ‘the stronger the better' to kill germs...but over the last few years I've become educated on this and have learned healthier ways to clean. But it came at the price of not being super effective and/or of me having to spend a lot of time and effort on making my own cleaning products or scrubbing away at something forever.

That is why this past April, when I visited a dear friend of mine, my life changed. She introduced me to Norwex. When we had our first babies back in 2006, we both began a "greener living" journey to reduce the impact on our new babies and ourselves. But we both had found that it was so stressful and time consuming to have to clean our homes with products that were more expensive than the mainstream cleaners AND that didn't work well at all! So over the years we kind of went back and forth between stuff and now, she seemed to have finally found something that really made a difference.

She did a demo for me with an envirocloth and some descaler in the bathroom and…voila! Within a few minutes water spots and soap scum were gone and all without the use of harsh chemicals. I was intrigued. She gifted me a Window cloth and told me to find a consultant in my area so I could host a party. I was excited to try out the Window cloth...and I actually found it worked so well for more than just cleaning smudges off windows. I cleaned my fridge glass shelves with it in about half the time it would have taken me to do it my regular way. I cleaned mirrors in the bathroom in no time at all. I even cleaned and brought sparkle to my water stained cutlery. I thought, "all this with just a cloth? Imagine what the rest of the Norwex line could do for me?" I had hesitated to book a party, but at the Fredericton Woman's Show I attended, I met Shanie, a local consultant and I took the plunge and booked a party with her.

In the days leading up to the party, I did more research on Norwex and their products. And I got more excited. Although the turnout wasn't ideal (3 of my good friends came, one of them who also became a Norwex consultant after attending my party, and I get to be on her awesome team!), Shanie did a great party and wowed us with all the cool things envirocloths, cleaning paste, mops, bathroom and kitchen cleaners and much more could do! I bought a whole bunch of product and it was like my birthday when it arrived! And because I was the hostess and my party reached the minimum requirement, I got a load of free stuff, which made my loot even more exciting!

I've always tended to love cleaning. It relaxes me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. But it was still annoying because it took time.

Now, even though yes, it takes time, it doesn’t take AS long. It has cut my cleaning time by about half. I've done the math and compared my before and after and I have to say I’m impressed.

For example, I cleaned our new house before moving in from top to bottom with just envirocloths, water and a bit of the Blue Diamond cleaning spray.

Here are some pictures of the fridge left behind by the previous owners! Thick dust on top and sides and back. Plus, there was a grimey, greasy buildup on the floor that was covered in pet hair and goodness knows what else!

For an experiment, t first I applied Vim to half the floor mess and let it soak for about 5 minutes and it did NOTHING. Just as grimey and sticky. Then I applied a few sprays of my diluted Blue Diamond Cleaner and let it sit for 5 minutes, meanwhile I dusted the top and sides. The floor grime came up so easily and smoothly with the wet (with water) envirocloth. The dust on the top and sides came off easily with the wet envirocloth (it got stuck to it and didn't spread or smear).

Mopping my floors with my steam mop used to take me just about 60 minutes...this was my upper and main level hardwood floors. Plus, the mop would always leave streaks. I tolerated these simply because I knew my floors were clean and sanitized...and I thought I HAD no other choice. Sometimes if I had time I would go over the streaks with a dry cloth. But that annoyed me and took more of my time. But now, with my Norwex mop, I mop the floors in 32 minutes and leave NO streaks. In fact, when I walk on the freshly cleaned floors I can FEEL the clean on my feet (I have super sensitive feet that sense the tiniest crumb). They feel smooth and squeaky-clean. That's because all Norwex microfiber products pick up particles that are 1/200th the size of a hair follicle! So yeah, that's clean. 

And what’s even better is that after the microfiber has picked up all that “stuff” it self cleans! Norwex cloths have silver woven into them, which naturally stops the growth of yucky stuff to keep it fresh and clean. So when you reach for it the next time you know you are not going to be spreading and smearing germies everywhere. And you can say goodbye to that awful “wet cloth” smell. Which means less laundry for you!

The other important thing I’ve noticed is that my hands are no longer cracked and dry. Ever since I stopped using those other cleaning products and wipes, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of my skin.

{And a story for another post, but Norwex also has a body care product line, which includes body microfiber cloths, bath towels, and they also have a line of products designed to be used by kids but that are just as effective}

I can go on with examples of how cleaning is more effective and safer with Norwex but I it would take me all night to write! So if you want more stories just send me a message :-)

Since welcoming Norwex into my home, my cleaning life has not been the same. At first, I simply enjoyed the products and loved seeing more and more results. But after a while I began to get more excited about the possibility of helping spread the Norwex love to more and more homes. That is how my journey as a consultant began.

Me and my mop, envirowand, blue diamond concentrated cleaner,
and pink, blue, yellow envirocloths <3

And so I want to tell you:

You deserve to not have to spend so much of your free time cleaning. You deserve to have a home that is free from harmful chemicals and substances. You deserve to not have to wear gloves and hold your breath when you're cleaning your toilet! And, you deserve to have your children learn and help you clean knowing that what they are using will do a GOOD job AND not harm them. If you agree, then let me know and I can tell you more about how to make YOUR home a safer haven! I am very excited and passionate about sharing this with you, and I hope you are too! 

Thanks for reading! If you're interested in learning more check out or send me an email.

<3 Kat

[1] (1998). Wolkoff and colleagues, Risk in Cleaning, The Science of The Total Environment, 215, p. 135-56.

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