Friday, February 20, 2015

Inside My Messy Mind

And here's a peek inside my messy mind and how I look like spaz doing stuff around the house, but on the inside everything is making sense, somehow.

(I think that's why I need clutter-free areas and things to be tidy, to compensate for the mess inside!).

This afternoon the the areas of mess were many. Just imagine (I'm sure you won't find it hard, especially if you're a parent) mess spread out almost everywhere.

Food chunks on, under, and around the table, messy placemats, wetness and boot crud by the front door, snack bag bulging with water bottles, half eaten snacks and gloves and hats that somehow ended up in there, highchair splattered and smeared with chicken, carrots and baby saliva, food colouring splotches on the cabinet doors and utensil drawer from this morning's kid creation of homemade mouthwash (don't ask)...

So I started cleaning.

First I put away the food and leftovers.

When I opened the fridge I saw the chicken thighs I bought at Costco (meaning it's a HUGE package) two days ago.

Oh, I should probably divvy it up and freeze it.

So I opened the package up. Put some thighs in the wok (hey, I might as well cook the portion for supper now). Then I had one hand covered in raw chicken so I needed to finagle a bit to get the freezer bags out from the cupboard. Got them out without touching anything with the chicken hand. But then I couldn't open the bags, so I had to get help doing that (thanks Mermaid Girl).

OK. Chicken is put away and the rest is cooking.

I should wash the dishes. But I just used the sponge to wash my chicken nails and threw it out because it looked gross anyways and was starting to fall apart.

So with clean hands, I go to the laundry room to get a new sponge.

Oh crap, while in here I realize the laundry needs switching. I put the clothes in the dryer and start the next load in the washer. Luckily, I had already got the sponge out, or else I would have forgotten that.

Back at the sink I start washing dishes, but then when I have to throw food scraps out, I realize I forgot to put a bag in the garbage can after I took out the trash with the raw chicken container. So back to the laundry room I go. And on my way I step on a million pieces of food and so I think I might as well vacuum.

I get the vacuum out (it's easy because it's a central vac and it's already plugged in). I vacuum up the food crumbs around one side of the table...and then realize there are darn pieces of popcorn in a little trail towards the playroom (the 3 year old!!!) I follow the trail and vacuum it up.

OK, I can get back to the dishes now.

Oh wait. I need to to do the other side of the table. So I vacuum there. Then I vacuum the booster seat and the highchair.

Now the dishes.

Oh wait, I need to wipe down the mats otherwise there will be new crumbs on the floor.

So I wipe off the table and inevitably more crumbs end up on the floor and I think, I should have just waited and vacuumed after I cleaned the table.

So I vacuum again.

Then on my way back to the sink to do the dishes I realize there's a mess on the kitchen floor and around the island and by the fridge. So I vacuum there.

Then I think I should check the front door, I'm pretty sure there's a mess there too.

Yep, there is.

So I get paper towel and wipe up the boot sludge. Then when it's dry, I vacuum the teeny tiny rocks and whatever bits of dirt where left behind.

Now, I can do the dishes.

Oh shit! The chicken has been cooking and yep, it's all stuck to the bottom of the pan.

So flip it over and add the butter chicken sauce I'm going to use.

Now I can do the dishes.

Oh, but I should get the snack bag cleared out first as I'm sure there will be stuff in there to wash.

I set out the gloves and hats to dry (that somehow ended up in the snack bag from our outing). Put away the stuff that wasn't eaten. Put all the water bottles in the sink.

Now, the dishes.

Oh geez, look at all these green food colouring specks on all the drawers. Looks like the purple-people-eater sneezed all over them.

Thankfully they wipe up easily.

I rinse out the cloth and then start washing a fork.

But now I'm getting summoned by one of the kids because "Momeee, I need a snack."

Seriously. Didn't they just eat lunch?

So I cut up an apple and plink some cashews into a plastic bowl.

I think I can do the dishes now.

Oh, the chicken is cooked now so I should put it in the fridge first (ever since the bad chicken episode I don't trust chicken that much).

And then I add the wok to the pile of dishes still waiting.

Which I will do now.

But then another kid is yelling from the bathroom, another poopy butt to wipe.

OK, now I'm just tired. I've been cleaning up for an hour. Back and forth, forth and back. Not to mention the thoughts going on inside my mind (Phew, that's a whole other story).

{And a big disclaimer, I actually have a great nanny/ mother's helper, whatever "title" you want to use. I personally prefer to call her "my sanity saver", who during this time has been helping by keeping the one year old toddler-in-the making, out of trouble and has also changed his poopy diaper and I'm sure she's intervened and halted several more imminent messes. Without her I would surely have given up a long time ago...}

Maybe I'll sit down and check my email.

Oh, look O-Bear has crawled over to say hello. Cutie.

This is when I laugh at my messy mind. And I wonder if anyone out there can relate....maybe...anyone?

Which leads to me getting the urge to write about this.

"Is Momeee a bit cuckoo, O -Bear?"

Nothing. He's busy opening and closing cupboard doors.

I put on a music video for a bit of musical accompaniment while I write.

Well, I better get to doing those darn dishes once and for all.

Oh wait....while I was typing this, and jiving to Ella Henderson the baby emptied out the marker drawer and are now all over the floor.

True Story.

Guess I'll do the dishes after I clean those up....

P.S. The dishes got done and the main level was clean and calm for all of ten minutes. Ten very satisfying minutes.

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