Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've been a bit busy the past few weeks. I had a client due in mid December, then 2 due in early January. So I've been gone in the evenings a bit for prenatal visits...and then of course gone for their labours. I love it.

My kids, not so much. They know it's important work for me, but they miss me.

Particularly because it's not typical working hours. When I'm at a birth, I can be gone for a whole day or more.

I miss them too, but I also know it's a short bit of time, compared to the majority of hours I do spend with them.

I try to explain that, especially to Mermaid Girl as she is the one that misses me most...or at least is most expressive about it.

She now asks me every single night if I have to go. Some days I say I do have to go, to meetings or even just to hang out with friends for an evening out.

But most nights I do get to tuck her in, cuddle with her for a while (ahem, fall asleep in her bed for an hour!), and be here when she awakes in the morning.

I think she's understanding now that she gets more mathematical concepts that the time I am away is way less than the time I am home.

Tonight she asked me again if I had to go.

On a whim I decided to play a little game with her to help reassure her and soothe her separation concern.

I said somewhat seriously, "Yes, I have a meeting."

"But Daddy said you didn't have to! Where are you going, to a meeting away or on the computer?"

{Haha, I do also have skype meetings once in a while.}

"It's a meeting with someone very important and very, VERY special. I just can't miss it!"

She started to look a bit confused....and sad.

"Who are you meeting with?"

I smiled and pointed at her.

For a minute she didn't get it and then it made sense and she laughed.

The expression on her face was priceless.

"I am very special?" She asked with a little grin.

"Oh my gosh YES! You are super special. And there is no way I am missing our bedtime lullaby and cuddle meeting."

And I didn't.

And now I am wide awake because I had an hour and 20 minute nap next to my super special little girl.

Funny Faces!
I know it has nothing to do with the post, but I thought I's share for a laugh :-)

P.S. Just so there is no gaping holes in the story, the other two munchkins are not neglected! They are super special too. Sharky Boy shares a room with Mermaid Girl {yay bunkbeds!) and I snuggle with him and kiss him goodnight first and then his Daddy cuddles with him till he falls asleep, on most nights. I cuddle with Mermaid Girl most nights. Some nights we switch it up and other nights they fall asleep on their own after hugs and kisses goodnight. Bebecita falls asleep after stories and oodles of hugs and kisses, way before her sis and bro are asleep, and is usually zonked out within 5 minutes of laying her down. Ah yes, that is bedtime in our home :-)

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