Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Double standard?

source not known, came across it on my facebook feed

This picture showed up on my facebook newsfeed this evening. And I couldn't keep my mouth shut...so here goes....

It is blatantly discriminatory and degrading...not only to "women without curves", but to all women.

Why does this double standard exist?

It certainly wouldn't be OK if the message was written about the opposite situation.

So why is it OK to say things like this?

Well, the truth is that it's not OK. As a woman who would be considered "without curves" {might I add I am healthy and do not have an eating disorder or do extreme dieting, etc. I am just thin. Healthy and thin}, I take offense to being classified as boring simply because of my physical appearance.

Plus, this image and its message is offensive to ALL women because it is sexualizing us, equating us to a "sex ride". Not only that, but it is also categorizing women into very degrading, sexist, and offensive roles. Just look at how the two women are dressed.

I know many would just ignore it. Scroll by it without comment or notice.

But what's even worse, is that this picture has a whole 'lotta likes on facebook. Really? And so many of these likes are from women. Sad, really. It's sad that our great-grandmothers and our grandmothers and our mothers have worked so hard towards the rights of women, to move beyond attributing characteristics simply based on looks...and in one crappily-put-together picture such as this, it's all forgotten...it all seems to go out the window.

Don't get me wrong, it's OK to feel good about our bodies. If we are curvy, then great, and yes, we should feel exciting and sexy and beautiful. The same goes if we are not curvy. What's not OK is to use one group of women against another in an attempt to feel better about our own self image or about how we are perceived by others.

Women of all sizes and shapes and of all walks of life need to say this is not OK. And men too. Men who believe in equality and who respect women are just as important as the women who seek and deserve this respect and equality.

I know it's going to take much more than posts like this to change societal attitude.

But I believe that change can happen.

And it all begins at home. If we raise our children with respect, equality, compassion and teaching the value and importance of these...when they grow up they will bring these into society.

And create a different {hopefully, better} world.


  1. I've always hated the "real women have curves" idea. Women come in all shapes and sizes. They're all right and they're all beautiful. We shouldn't have to belittle one group to build yourself up.

    1. Exactly, well said. Thanks for coming by :-)


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