Monday, December 17, 2012


There are no words...for what happened last Friday. All those sweet, innocent lives...suddenly gone.

Having a child the age those sweet angels were, has really hit close to home. 

My heart is heavy and broken for all those Mamas and families now missing their sweet babies, their daughters and sons.

I wish there was something I could help, to comfort...but the reality is what could any of us do? We can't turn back time and stop this from happening, which is the only thing that would help.

But I hope that all this is not in vain. There is a lot of talk and demand for a call to there well should be. But what?

What is the heavy, deep question.

My personal views don't matter much. But it seems to me that in the last few decades it has become very apparent that our society and culture is sending out a cry for help.

Violence is never OK. Especially when it takes the lives of the innocent.

It should not be acceptable for us to live in a society where this is even a possibility. I mean it's freaking 2012. Maybe we have forgotten we are not alone. Maybe we have forgotten how to come together. How all of us banded together, demanding change, is a powerful driving force. If a major change to prevent future acts of violence does not come from this horrible, tragic event...then we are a sad and sicker society than I thought. Which I actually believe we are not. I believe we can improve things for the better. My hope is that the loss and pain and heart wrenching sorrow each of these families is enduring is not in vain.

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