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Giveaway: $20 giftcard from doTERRA - {11.25; US/Can}

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I am someone who loves using my sense of smell. I love it when my house smells good. I love using body products that smell good (and are safe). But best of all I love the therapeutic benefits I get from using my sense of smell. Ever since I can remember we have had Essential Oils in our home. My mother always had a little cupboard with little bottles of Essential Oils. I remember I loved touching the bottles and smelling the different aromas.

And now I'm a grownup  (or trying to be! Hehehe!) and have my own little ones. I remember I found the benefits of Essential Oils so comforting during my childhood, and I still do. I want my children to reap the benefits too, so I try to incorporate using Essential Oils in our daily lives.

My Mama did try to pass on this knowledge, but well, you know how sometimes things go in one ear and out the other! So I am trying to re-learn a lot of this info and putting together my own little Essential Oil cupboard and care kit.

But I have to admit that at first I was a little intimidated and felt a bit lost about which oils are good for what.

That's why I have found doTERRA to be so helpful. Patti Tinholt is a doTERRA rep and she has been super helpful in helping me navigate and learn about Essential Oils and their uses.

For this review, I received doTERRA's Introductory Kit with 5mL each of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint, plus an introduction CD and booklet {retail value of $26.67 US}. I was excited to try these out, after all, these three are some of my favorite smells. I thought I would be able to use the lavender for relaxation, the peppermint for revitalizing and the lemon for making my kitchen smell good. But I got way more out of them! WAY MORE. Patti sent me a document with over 100 uses for these three powerhouse oils!

doTERRA Introductory Kit
Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint

I have of course not been able to use them for all of these uses, but here are some of the (surprising) ways I have been able to use them:

In addition to the soothing and relaxation benefits of sniffing this oil, I have found it is helpful for clearing up my skin. I wrote before about my recent case of adult-onset acne and how I've been having a hard time clearing this up. Well, when I read in the pamphlet that it was helpful for skin, I jumped right on that. This oil (diluted--using full strength could irritate skin) has helped dry up existing blemishes and I have seen a reduction in new pimples. Awesome! A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter got her very first wasp sting. It hurt her so much and I scrambled to soothe her! I had read that Lavender was good for insect stings, I thought, heck it's worth a shot. I applied a drop to the sting and within moments my daughter expressed she was beginning to feel relief. A few more applications throughout the day and the swelling went away completely. I've also been using it for freshening up my linens and closets. A few drops in a spray bottle and the room smells and feels so welcoming!

I tend to get tension headaches at least once a week. When I read that massaging a drop of Peppermint oil into your temples can help soothe the headache, I was excited to try it with my next headache. I was a tad skeptical, but I tried it anyways. And the result? It did work. I could smell the cool and soothing scent of the Peppermint and together with a few deep breaths and gentle temple massage I could feel the tension melting away. Peppermint is also good for soothing indigestion and can be taken internally to soothe heartburn or other stomach upsets. And the best surprising use I discovered for Peppermint is that when diffused into a room, it helps spiders leave the room. It doesn't kill them, but because they don't like the smell, they leave. We live in a woodsy area and I find at least a couple spiders a day. The other day I found one in the baby's room, crawling on her change table. Shudder. So I have been diffusing peppermint oil in the kiddos' rooms and our main level and have noticed a huge difference. Hooray!

I was surprised to learn that Lemon can be used to remove tough scuffs from your floors. When we moved in here, there were a few spots on the tile floors that were so stubborn. A few drops of Lemon Oil finally helped me get rid of them! A single drop added to a wet microfiber cloth helps me clean and disinfect my kitchen counters while leaving the whole area smelling absolutely wonderful. Lemon is well-known for it's revitalizing benefits. When I feel that afternoon slump coming, I dab a few drops on my wrists, take a few sniffs and I feel a wave of rejuvenating energy to get me through the rest of the day!

All of these three oils are antimicrobial and can be used to sanitize and disinfect areas. They can be used in cooking as well. Use Lemon in salad dressings, or in baked goods. Peppermint can be used to add zing to your baked goods, just imagine adding a minty zing to your chocolate cake! And Lavender can be used in marinades, baking and to add warmth and comfort to your dishes.

doTERRA Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils
I have merely scrapped the surface for all the uses of these three Essential Oils! There are also many more oils available for many other uses. If you have a problem, there is an Essential Oil to help you out!

Essential Oils are not cheap. But just think of all the work and energy that goes into producing just one bottle! If you want to learn more about how they are made read this article. When you grasp that understanding of how the oil ends up in its cute little bottle, then the price isn't such a surprise. But the other thing to remember is that a little bottle will last you a LONG time. Every time you use it, you only need one or two drops. If you are careful about using just a drop or two, you won't waste it and the benefits you will get from one bottle will outweigh the price you paid for it.

All of doTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means they are 100% pure, aromatic compounds extracted from plants. The oils do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients and are free of pesticides and chemical residues. So, you can be sure that when you use doTERRA oils you are not ingesting or putting anything harmful on your skin.

To learn more about Essential Oils or to browse the many doTERRA products please visit their website.

For the NPN Giveaway Spectacular Patti has agreed to give away a $20 gift card towards any doTERRA purchase (shipping in Canada and the Continental USA only). The winner will also receive a free phone consultation to help navigate their Essential Oil journey! In addition, for any purchases of $100+ between now and Nov 30, 2012, customers will receive a $50 credit for any future purchases. Our Rafflecopter entry system opens November 1.
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