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Giveaway: The Babywearing Workout Video Download from The Babywearing Workout - $9.95 ARV {11.25; Worldwide}

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It's been my experience that I found it hard to find the time to exercise when my little ones needed to be so close to me. All my three kiddos spent the first 6 months or more close in our arms. My youngest baby actually spent the first 6 months of her life in the wrap or beside us in bed. She was such a snugglebug and just thrived when she was close to either me or her Papa.

All this was great, but I also felt the need to get my body back in shape, not just for weight loss but also to feel refreshed, energized and healthy. I am a Mama who needs to move my body and sweat to feel rejuvenated and alive! And I have to admit that I let my Self Care go during those first few months.

The Babywearing Workout would have been the perfect option to help me get back to feeling like myself!

And now that option is here! The creator of this ingenious workout is Kelli Roschak, a Mama of one sweet sugglebug who wanted to do something to help herself and other Mamas be able to reap the benefits of exercise, but not be separated from their baby.

I have had the pleasure of trying out this workout in the past few weeks and here's what I have experienced:

Kelli and her sweetie at 6 weeks and 11 months postpartum
  • The workout is easy to follow and for all levels. Your body will feel it! You work all the muscle groups and are left feeling a whole body rejuvenation. I love to sweat when I work out because I know I am working hard and flushing the toxins out of my body. And wow, this workout makes me sweat! The combination of the workout and wearing baby totally pumps up the calorie burning factor. In fact, if  you read Kelli's story, she lost 70lbs in 10 months. Pretty amazing right!?
  • Kelli has a soothing and motivating voice which is essential in keeping you going! Especially near the end when you are ready to take a rest!
  • The BabyWearing Workout is 30 mins long, I find this to be the perfect length! I have yoga DVDs I quit because they were over an hour. I just didn't have the time or I would keep getting interrupted. 
  • But the absolute best part of the workout is that baby is right there with you, bonding, watching and learning and if it's time for a nap, you can be sure the motion will lull baby to sleep.
  • The only con I experienced was that the workout is filmed in an outdoor park and there were a couple of times I had a hard time hearing what she was saying. All I had to do to fix this was just turn up my volume and all was well again.
  • Before you take on this workout, make sure you have the proper (safe) carrier. Kelli has a resource page to help you with that.
  • This workout is totally inexpensive, easy to download, and can be done right in the comfort of your own home. You can do it at any time that's convenient for you, and isn't that such a bonus for new Mamas who often do things on the fly!?
  • If having a DVD is your type of thing, The BabyWearing Workout is now also out on DVD. It will be $19.95 (US) and available directly from her website. So make sure to keep your eye out for that! {Shipping available in Canada and USA only}.

The Babywearing Workout DVD
There are things I sometimes try out that I do once or twice and then never go back to them. It just doesn't suit me or I don't feel it gave me what I need. This is not the case with the Babywearing Workout! In addition to my weekly yoga class, once or twice a week I strap on the carrier and do the Babywearing Workout. It's fun and interactive (after all, who doesn't love baby giggles triggered by the sensations of motion), and it gets me moving. I feel great after. And this makes me feel better able to do my job as Mama!

For the NPN Giveaway Spectacular, Kelli is giving away 3 downloads of The Babywearing Workout to three lucky winners! {a retail price of $9.95 US each}. Plus, from Nov 5-Dec 24, 2012, enjoy a 15% discount on your purchase from The Babywearing Workout {Coupon Code: NPN2012}.

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