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Giveaway: Baby Balm, Baby Oil and Calendula Soap from Anointment Natural Skincare - $30 ARV {11.25; US/Can}

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Anointment is a Canadian company owned and operated by April Mackinnon. Anointment's goal is to use the safest, purest ingredients. Always.

I stock up on my Anointment favorites a few times a year. Every time I get my box in the mail, I am delighted to open it because I know it's just gonna smell so darn good. I savour a few sniffs before carefully unwrapping all the goodies.

Everything comes carefully packaged and protected. Anointment uses glass jars for packaging their products (this gets bonus points from me for eco-friendliness!) and their soaps are sweetly wrapped in tissue paper to keep them safe.

So what are my favorite products?

Well, hands down the Calendula soap, Baby Oil and Baby Balm. The perfect trio for great-feeling skin.

And I am so happy to review these products for you here.

Why are they my favs?

Well because they are so awesomely gentle on my kiddos' skin.

Anointment Calendula Soap
My kiddos all have sensitive skin, so I only like to use the most gentle and safe products for them. My son gets little eczema patches every now and then and so I need something that will be soothing and gentle. For a few years now I have been bathing them with the Calendula soap and have had really great results. You know that dry skin feeling you can get after a bath or shower? Yeah, I hate that. It's caused by over drying soap and probably soap residue on your skin. One of the best things about Anointment soaps is that you don't get that feeling. Washing with Anointment soap is like using moisturizer in your shower! Because of it's super gentleness, it's also great as a facial bar. I have sensitive, but blemish prone skin so this soap is the perfect fit for me. And the best part is that you don't have to worry about possible icky chemicals or toxins, as all the soaps are made with the purest, natural ingredients, truly free from ickies. For real. Some companies claim that and then you read the ingredients carefully and find a little culprit in the list somewhere. Not with Anointment. All the ingredients are 100% safe and pure. All of my family now wash with Anointment soaps and we will never go back to any other kind!

Anointment Baby Oil
After their bath, I rub them over with a little Baby Oil for extra moisture {the perfect alternative to crap-loaded mineral baby oil). They loooove this part. And I mean LOOOOOVE it. It's like getting an infusion of moisture and a great massage at the same time. I make a point of tending sore areas like back, legs and little feet. And my kiddos just melt. They are so relaxed and soothed and ready for bedtime stories and snuggles. Plus they smell so good after. Because of it's composition, The Baby Oil is naturally oily, but honestly I love that because I get my hands moisturized as I apply it on them. Two in one: score. The best part of Anointment Baby Oil (well besides it's awesome moisture and massage goodness)? That it's also great for me! It's a great makeup remover and mascara remover. Every so often I will also apply it on my skin after a bath for some extra moisturizing action. And again, it's super pure and clear of any yucky chemicals or toxins. Nothing but the best for my babies!

Anointment Baby Balm
As for the award-winning Baby Balm? I just can't say enough good things about it! But I will try to do it justice. First, its base is olive oil. How awesome is that!? I love olive oil. It's good for your skin, it helps with healing, soothing and did you know it's also antimicrobial? All these qualities make it perfectly ideal for all those little skin rashes and irritations that baby's skin are often prone to. Whenever Bebecita gets a hint of a rash I double up on my Baby Balm applying and it clears up before it gets worse. Baby Balm also has you covered for cuts and scrapes. A little Baby Balm will soothe any bleeding and will keep it clean and germ free. Plus, the healing properties of the other ingredients will have those ouchies feeling better in no time! I even use it on my skin for cuts and scrapes. A few weeks ago I cut myself while shaving, and you know how those suckers can bleed! A little application of Baby Balm and it was feeling better and stopped stinging. It's even great for chapped lips and I have found it's also good for healing irksome blemishes. Another awesome thing about Baby Balm is that I have used it with my cloth diapers without getting staining or buildup. However, I do use a disposable liner and make sure to only use a thin layer. A little goes a long way.

Anointment Soap Scrubbie
And lastly, I want to mention the ingenuity of the soap scrubbie. Say goodbye to those plasticky-feeling poofs and to dropping the soap in the shower. The soap scrubbie is the perfect home for your Anointment soap! The scrubbie is made to hold your soap inside so you can lather and wash without dropping the slippery soap. Also, this is great for your kiddos because it helps them actually wash off dirt and those inevitable spots and stains that kiddos get throughout the day. Just make sure that in between baths or showers you leave the scrubbie somewhere well ventilated so it can fully dry, this will ensure your soap lasts and keeps your scrubbie smelling great.

I would never recommend anything that I truly didn't approve for use with my own family. I am picky and do my best to make sure there are no harmful chemicals in the products that we use. That is why I just love Anointment and am such a happy customer! The variety of handcrafted soaps means you can always keep your senses exhilarated without risking your skin feeling soft and smooth. Plus, Anointment also has a variety of other products such as Rose Toner, Belly Butter for pregnant Mamas, lip balms and much more. My husband also loves their classic-style wet shaving kit, which includes a brush and shaving scuttle. Now he feels like a real grownup when he shaves!

I know this may all sounds like it's too good to be true. Have I not one con about Anointment products? The truth is not really. If you really wanted to get nitpicky I suppose you could say that perhaps the products are a little on the pricey side. But with prices ranging from $6 to $40 CND there's something for everyone! But to be honest I much prefer paying for good quality products that are safe and pure, than to buying less expensive stuff that's cheaply made and loaded with crap. That is too much of a risk for me and the price you pay by exposing yourself daily to harmful chemicals is much higher than a safe bar of soap. Plus, each product I buy from Anointment really does last me FOREVER. I don't have to spend money often on our care products and in the end this does end up saving me money. Plus I love supporting local businesses too!

The other thing is that I wish Anointment made products like shampoo and deodorant. It's not on the market yet, but I hear talk that April is working on new products and I am waiting on the edge of my seat to find out what these will be!

I have gotten a few friends of mine hooked on the stuff, and I hope after you try these products you will be too!

To learn more about Anointment and their products check out their website:

And as a special treat for MomeeeZen and NPN readers, Anointment is offering Free Shipping (in Canada and Continental US) for orders over $50 from now till Dec 31, 2012. At Checkout, just use coupon code: npnreview

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