Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mama Guilt

Tomorrow I start a week long, intensive doula course. I have been looking forward to it or months and now that it's here and about to happen...I feel guilty!

Not a lot, but just enough to make me question whether leaving my kiddos is the right thing.

Oh darn it.

It's not like they are staying with a stranger. My hubby, THEIR FATHER, is going to spend the whole week with them. He took a week long vacation so I could do something for myself and my career. He supports me and wants me to enjoy this. If he knew I was feeling guilty he would probably, I dunno....tell me to get over it!


I have to get over it.

The kids are fine. They are going to have a great time with their Daddy.

Doing all sorts of things only Daddy's know how.

And I hopefully will get over this Mama guilt and actually enjoy this doula training!

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  1. Enjoy the training! I felt the same way when I would leave our Silly Bears for a day of daddy-care and go to training for my military Ombudsman role, or when I ask him to care for them while I work on sewing projects for my shop. My 4 year old is starting full time at her preschool soon because I am back in school full-time, and I had a bit of mama guilt, too, when I got the call that she finally has a full-time spot available to her!

    What helps me is to remember that in developing and listening to ourselves, our needs, and our aspirations, we benefit our families by having balance and joy in our work outside of being mommy :)


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