Thursday, August 23, 2012

Batshit Crazy

Very appropriate meme I saw on FB a while back
Holy smokes. My children have succeeded at making me go batshit crazy. I'm sure not on purpose, but you never know....

{I can just imagine hearing their evil laughs!}

Yesterday after a series of events which included,

Sharky Boy crying and hitting and pinching...

Mermaid Girl ignoring my requests on several occasions AND adamantly disobeying on several more occasions...

Bebecita, well she was as sweet as ever. She just gets caught in the middle of all the hullabaloo. Though she did get into a bunch of stuff that just made more mess for me to clean up. Oh and she is showing her temper more and more. Boy does she have a temper! So, I guess she did contribute somewhat to all this!

But I was doing good. I was keeping it together and doing my best to stay in MomeeZen mode...


When we needed to leave the house so I could make it to a meeting..

Sharky Boy decided it was a good idea to hide. AND NOT COME OUT even when he heard my FREAKED OUT Mama pleas.

I thought for sure he was lost or drowned or kidnapped or all the other awful things a Mama thinks when she can't find her child.

Needless to say, I was late.

It was the bit that tipped the scales.

And I went batshit crazy. Major Pull-Hair-Out-ness!

I like to yell. I yelled during all my labours. I yell when I'm get the idea.

Not at the kids, but because it's quite therapeutic.


I sound like well, um, a crazy woman?

I swear I'm not.

I just need to let it all out.

And after, everyone cried, including me.

Something about that release of stress.

Ah, that's better.

And then it was over.

And we all hugged and I told them when I go crazy I need to yell because it's what makes me feel better. But of course that I would do my best to not get to that point again...but that they had to help me out on that one.

And I made Sharky Boy promise to never ever hide like that again...unless it was legitimate game of hide-and-seek.

P.S. And all this right after I made the official decision to homeschool. Bwahahaha! I have a feeling I am going to need to do some major personal revamping. And hire a Nanny. You know, for the occasional Mama's day out.

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