Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wiggly Teeth

For the longest time Mermaid Girl has had wiggly teeth. Multiple wiggly teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom.


Why Gah?

Well, Gah because:

She freaks out!
The more wiggly they get...the more she freaks out.
A few days go by and...
She freaks out some more.
She eats and chews on the side, favoring the wigglies.
She gets me to pre-cut her apples. She will not eat corn on the cob.
And finally when the tooth is barely holding on and we think, "OK it's finally going to fall out!"
She freaks out some more.
And then a few days later...
Out of nowhere...
She says calm as can be: "Daddy, you can pull it out now."


She is a funny one.

After all that freaking ends up being: "Yep, Pull 'Er Out!"

No big deal.

No problem.

This is how she lost the two bottom ones. Two days in a row, one tooth per day. She lost her first two a few months ago, making her total tooth loss 4. And I'm sure in the next few days those top wigglies will be coming right out. Aw...her gappy smile makes me nostalgic for her gummy baby smile days.

Thank You Mermaid Girl for reminding me that sometimes stuff we think is a big deal actually isn't. And most importantly, for teaching me that kiddos are amazingly wise beings who listen to and trust their body. If only us grown-ups could do that more often and more easily. I'm working on it!


{Notice Sharky Boy's PhotoBomb!?!? Hahaha!}


She's hilarious. After asking a million questions about the tooth fairy, her whereabouts, what she looks like and how she knew where to go...she asked if we could please write her a note asking for all her teeth back.

I am assuming though, that she will not want to give back her money. Or knowing Mermaid Girl, she probably won't care if it means having her pearly whites again. Oh how she makes me laugh!}

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