Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello, We Are Your New Neighbors...

What was the first thing that my kids did when we got possession of our house? {Almost 3 weeks ago! Time is actually flying}.

They ran around the huge backyard, giddy and nature-drunk...took off all their clothes and kept running around until they had to they peed in the grass and went on running until their little legs could run no more.

I saw a few faces peer in our direction, walkers-by, neighbors glancing over to get a look at the new people. And an intro speech went through my mind. I really wish they could all read it, but in the meantime I will get it off my chest here...

Hello, we are your new neighbors. It's me, Kat, my hubby and our three kiddos. You will probably think we are weird. But we are just regular humans, living our lives as happily as we can. If you want the scoop, here it is: We are both professionals. My husband goes to work every day, I work from home. I have tattoos. I speak Spanish, and you will probably one day hear me raise my voice and curse in my Native tongue if I stub my toe or something similar, though never around my kids. We are going to grow huge veggie gardens. And if we could, we would have backyard chickens too (darn neighborhood covenants!). You will probably notice that I let my kids run around naked in the yard if they want to. I let them pee on the grass. I will breastfeed my baby whenever and wherever she needs to. You may think we are weird, but you will also see that our children are kind and generous. They are compassionate, thoughtful, inquisitive, funny and intelligent. You will come to know that we are more than willing to help, to share, to listen. With us you will have laughs and lots of fun. Oh and don't worry, we mow our lawn, don't leave garbage out and all that good-neighborly-stuff. We are probably some of the most awesome neighbors you will ever have. Our dear neighbors who we just left behind told us so. We can give you great references. Wink.

 It's really great to meet you! 

Almost 3 weeks here and it's starting to feel a little more like home. I love it here. We are minutes from the City Centre, but tucked away in the woods, by a lake. We haven't met many people yet, but I hope we do soon. I do feel a bit lonely sometimes. My only new friend so far is the painter we hired (who is all done now, so I don't get to chat with her every day anymore!). Our next door neighbors have come over to say hello, they are very friendly and polite. They have grandkids who come and visit, so maybe the kiddos will all get a chance to play one day. We've gone for walks around the neighborhood. I've seen a few houses where I know kids live...they have the marks of children: toys and bikes around the yard, backyard play structures, chalk drawings on the driveway. But I have not yet met the actual people who live there. Maybe one day they will be out when we walk by or maybe I will be brave enough to ring the doorbell and say hello. Maybe. But the thing is I am a tiny, tiny bit afraid I will not fit in. Maybe i can print out the above intro and hand it out!? Hahaha!

This transition has been fun and scary all at once. Things all fell into place so easily: getting the house, the hubby's job, his office...all of it. It's as if the Universe wanted us to know we were meant to be here. So I trust in that. Before I know it, I'll have my new tribe and I'll not really remember what it was like to be the new people in the neighborhood.

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