Monday, June 25, 2012


This past week and a half has been utterly whirlwind! Yesterday we drove to our new hometown. The past two days have been full of emotions. Sad to leave our friends and family, excited for what's coming, unsure of the unknowns. I honestly don't know what is up and down! The only thing keeping me grounded is the fact that I am a Mama. Though my three monkeys are often contributors to this whirlwind...they are mostly my roots. Without them all of this would be pointless, joyless and empty. It is through their eyes that i see the excitement and wonder of starting anew. It is also through their eyes that I see the confusion and fear about starting anew. And so I am able to support them and also support myself through this crazy transition. Today we got new cell numbers, signed and closed on our mortgage and the movers brought our stuff. Tomorrow is a new day full of exploring and getting to know the house and the neighborhood...but I am also seeing a lot of unpacking and cleaning in my imminent future! And I am glad we will finally be home.

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