Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hmmm isn't beautiful?

I love the moon.

Until I had kids.

{Well, I still do love the moon, it's just so beautiful. But it is bittersweet}.

For some reason, full moons do something to them. Makes them extra wild.

They sleep like crap.

And me, well I have noticed I get irritable, and am less patient.

When I worked at the Children's Hospital, we would always get extra excitement on full moon nights.

And, the birth unit does tend to fill beyond capacity around the full moon.

Apparently, the moon affects humans {wish you could hear my "duh" tone...hehehe!}.

Do you and/or your kiddos go full-moon-wild?

Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a peaceful night tonight...for all of us parents!

Cause we don't really get rest breaks, do we?

And who knows, maybe because it's the "super moon", it will actually be super cool and mellow and they will sleep all's hoping!

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