Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Road Trip

We are packing up all three kids and hitting the road. Four hours driving. Are we crazy?

Nah, just adventurous.

We are going to visit the town we are moving to in June. Gonna go see our house again, show it to the kids for the first time, meet the current owners and get the low-down on all the ins and outs of the house, and decide what rooms we will be painting. Gonna interview some peeps for my hubby's office AND we are gonna just relax.

Ah, I am looking forward to just going at our own pace.

And it will be fantastic to have the hubs around all.the.time. He is so helpful.

So how will we survive the road trip?


Snacks, naps, CDs, a few movies...and maybe earplugs? Ha!

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