Thursday, May 17, 2012


You know what drives me craaaaazy?

A scenario like this:

"Momeee....Momeeee....I want a different shirt."

Sharky Boy changes his clothes. A lot.

In the span of one morning I noticed he changed his clothes 4 times!

It's dependent though on whether or not he found the right clothes first thing in the morning when he gets dressed.

But other times, he just gets a whim and wants to change.

He loves certain pants, shirts, socks a lot.

And if it were up to him he would wear them all the time.

But they get dirty. Gawd help me when they get dirty...because this happens...

"OK, go up to your room and change."

He goes up no problem. Then...


Then crying. Lots of it.


Now you know why I call him Sharky Boy. He loves sharks.

I go up. I give myself a pep talk and take a deep breath as I climb the stairs because I know what's coming: You CAN do this!

"Sharky Boy, your shark shirt is in the wash, it will be ready later. Pick a different shirt. What about your cool alligator shirt? You really like that one."

He jump-stomps and keeps crying. He wants his shark shirt.

I get it. It is a super cool shirt. But it is actually in the washer.

"It's covered in food and smelled gross so it is getting washed. It will be ready later."

He jump-stomps and keeps crying some more.

I'm wishing now I had bought ten of those darn shark shirts.

I try to explain to him about first world problems. He listens. I like to think he understands he's lucky he even has different shirts to pick from.

But as soon as I'm done explaining he says, "I want my shark shirt."

I have something up my sleeve that might work.

As calmly as possible I say, "OK, stay naked until your shirt is ready. You don't need to wear your alligator shirt."

Sheepishly, he looks at me.

"I want my alligator shirt."


He puts it on and all is well again.

Reminds me of the book Ollie.

Mermaid Girl was the same...still is sometimes. But she seem to be outgrowing this reverse psychology thing.

At least I know how the almost-3-year-old mind works.

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