Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Green Giant

I'm one of those Mamas that never has proper, real, ice packs for injuries. Instead, I've always used whatever was handy and mold-able in my freezer. In most cases it's been a bag of peas, corn, or blueberries. And thankfully my kiddos don't care and have never asked for anything different. It's rare when we have to pull out a "cold pack" for an injury, which sometimes boggles me because I have very active and risk-taking kiddos (mostly Sharky Boy, but you knew that already, right!?).

Well, I almost fell over laughing the other day when Sharky Boy asked me for a cold pack.

"I need ice!!! Momeee I need ice for my leg! I need the Green Giant to make me feel better!"


Yep, that would be the corn.

Then I remembered that some time ago (like maybe a couple months ago) I used frozen corn for Sharky Boy's knee and he asked me who the green man was.

So I told him.

Apparently, he didn't forget.

So now the Green Giant is his buddy.

By the way, he proceeded to put "ice" on every part of his body.

He put it on my legs and arms too. To make sure "I was all better".

He even wanted to sleep with it for nap.

But I managed to convince him to let me put it back in the freezer so it would be cold again when he woke up.

And he did remember to ask for it again.

Sharky Boy and his friend the Green Giant, making boo-boo's in Zen Land all better.

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