Saturday, April 21, 2012

"You Be The Mean Lady"

Mermaid Girl and Sharky Boy LOVE role-playing.

They love to act out some of the movies they watch.

Even some of the books we read.

If you've ever read a children's fairty-tale you'll know there's usually an evil character in there somewhere. And a princess, a prince and a good fairy or some other "good" magical creature.

Mermaid Girl is the ring leader. The boss.

She organizes the games, the costumes, the scenario, the dialogue.

{I think she may be a director someday.}

And Sharky Boy, the boy who usually only likes to follow his own directions, does follow hers. Most of the time.

Soon, it's all set up.

Of course, Mermaid Girl is the princess, Sharky Boy the brave prince, cape and all, and me...

"You be the mean lady Mama!"

"Not again!" I complain.


"Nah, I want to be the fairy godmother!!!" I say enthusiastically.

"Momeeeee...Noooooooo! You be the mean lady." The two of them instruct.

"Oh, alright. But I get to wear pretty fairy wings anyways."

{Gotta teach them the art of negotiation early.}

They agree.

So I am, yet again, the mean lady.

I think I've been "forced" to play the mean lady for 5 years now.

I'm now a pro at it.

Their giggles and wide eyes, full of excitement as I chase them around, say so.

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