Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Up the Stairs

The kids and I had spent some time reading and playing.

Then I saw Bebecita through the monitor waking up from her nap.

So I told the two older ones I was going up to get the bebe.

"You stay here and play."

Why, you ask?

If you guessed that having them come up would result in some tiff about who could hold her first, or with Sharky Boy crying because I don't let Bebecita stay on the bed forever...turning a simple pick-up and quick diaper change into a long, drawn-out ordeal, yep, you guessed right!

So, they said yes and nodded. OK they got it. Hmmm. We'll see.

Bebecita is happy to see me! Even though she was super annoying last night, waking up all sorts of times, I'm happy to see her too!

And she's got a super wet diaper.

As I'm changing her, the inevitable happens.

"Momeee...Momeee..." And then one, or both of them, says something I can't quite make out. After all I am all the way upstairs.

That doesn't stop them though.

"Momeeeeeee...{Muffled kiddo-speak}..."

"Mommmmeeeee...{More muffled kiddo-speak}..."

"I can't hear you! I'm upstairs!"

A couple of deep breaths and I'm OK, for now, depends on what will be waiting for me downstairs.

Finally, I come down.

Apparently Sharky Boy wanted to know why Dinosaurs, T-Rex in particular, ate other Dinosaurs.

{We just got a new book from the library called "Dino-Dinners". Pretty neat stuff. If you like that sort of thing, like Sharky Boy does}

If only I had super sonic ears so I could hear them all the way upstairs.

Hmmm wait, on second thought, I don't want super sonic ears.

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