Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toys: The Thorn In My Side

My kids have too many toys for my liking.

Talk about first world problems.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like the play area is overflowing. But for me, it's too many.

If it were up to me, they would each have one {smallish} toy basket filled with toys they like and toys that are not junky and fall apart right away.

That's it.

Maybe that way they'd actually play with them for more than 5 minutes! And they would know where stuff was!

{I know there is such a thing as toy rotation....meh, I'm not that organized. I wish I was, but I'm just not.}

I don't really even know where all these toys came from.

I've tried to keep on top of it, donating unused toys, trying to maintain the ones we do keep somehow organized.

But it is a futile pursuit. Futile I say!!!

Once I spent a whole afternoon organizing the toys, with the kids help, so they would know were stuff was.

The end result was just beautiful. Everything was organized into specific baskets, easy to find and keep track of.

And then the next day it was undone. Just like that.

I gave up on trying to keep toy land in order.

I know I shouldn't stress about this, but it drives me totally bonkers!!!

A typical pull-my-hair-out moment goes like this:

"Momeee...momeee...where is that little lady?

"I don't know, where did you last put her?" It's incredible I even know which little lady she's talking about. But I'm awesome like that. Sometimes. Actually, I'll be awesome if I can find her.

Whining, "I don't know...find her for me, pleeeeeeeas...momeeeee..."

And of course, this always happens when I'm busy doing something else that's important. Like nursing the bebe, or cooking or changing a diaper.


So I help them look. And look. And look.

This time I'm successful.

But other times not. Those times the desired toy usually pops out a few days later totally in the wrong basket.


Sharky Boy, in his attempts to find his desired toy, proceeds to dump out all the toys in one (or sometimes two) baskets.

Double Arrrggggg.

And this usually results in me yelling, "Nooooo! Stop!" And Sharky Boy starts crying because I hurt his feelings. He tells me so. Then I feel awful for yelling. Dammit, they are just kids trying to play, after all. They don't need me to be refereeing their toy searching missions. But, I feel I am self-appointed toy land sheriff and need to maintain some kind of organized chaos.

Other times I have been known to let the mess be. And sometimes, it gets cleaned up before I even have to ask. Mostly not.

Once upon a time I dreamed of a beautiful, peaceful, serene play area. Sort of Montessori with a splash of Waldorf. But then {our} reality took over.

We are moving in 2 months and I can't WAIT to clear out and donate all the toys!

Well, not all. I'm sure I wouldn't be a very nice Momeee if I did that. I'll settle for a good purge and a promise to try to keep toy land somewhat tidy.

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