Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Too Late/Too Early

OMG. At barely 9am I already felt like it should have been 9pm.

Bebecita is teething and she's sick with a cold...and I'm sure she's got a growth spurt going on...because she has been quite awful at night. Got to give her a bit of credit though, she did sleep slightly better last night.

But I went to bed way too late.

And she was up way too early.

So were the other two.

The hubs woke up extra early...darn him and getting to work on time! Ha!

That made Bebecita stir, so I nursed her and she was just about to go back into a deep sleep, when


She pooped. A major poop.

That's all it took, she was wide awake.

I would be too, she even leaked out a tiny bit onto the sheets.

{Sidenote: it's a breastmilk, mild as far as poops go. I asked myself if I should wash the whole sheet or just spot clean? Ah dilemmas! But first I had to change the bebe*}

Shortly after the diaper change was done, I heard little voices, "Momeeeeeeeeeee....Dadeeeeeeee..." Yeah, they knew Papa was home so they included him in their chorus.

And that was the beginning of our day.

Which began too early and felt extra early because we went to bed too late. You think we should know better by now. But nope..

That splendid post-kiddo-bedtime quiet time is just too awesome to pass can relate, no?

Plus if I need to, I get to do work that I normally don't while they are running around.

{Though I do spend some of that time prepping for the next day: lunches, packing Mermaid Girls' backpack, cleaning up the day's get the picture}

I think we just selectively ignore the fact that we can count on our dependable-alarm-clock kiddos, who are always up nice and early.

Maybe tonight I will go to bed at a decent time.

But probably not.

* Coming back to say: I neither spot cleaned nor washed the sheets this morning! Because I totally forgot. So this afternoon when I went to lay down for a bit while the kiddos napped, the stain had dried and my bed smelled a tad nasty. So I had to wash the sheets. I love laying in freshly washed sheets, but I dislike putting the sheets on the bed. That's a job for hubs around here. I think he pretends to not like it, but he's perfected it so well, it's almost a crime if I do it.

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