Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Bathroom

Breakfast had been eaten.

Kiddos were busy playing.

I needed to pee.

So I went to the bathroom.

Dare I close the door?

I'm sure you can relate: as soon as they hear that door click shut, it's over.

But I risked it. The potential for a few moments of quiet was worth it.

Wow! I got to go pee and wash my hands without interruptions.

I look at my face in the mirror.

Wowzers! My eyebrows are getting gnarly!

I become reckless with the few moments of peace I have been given!

With the speed of a lightening bolt I reach for the tweezers!

One, two, three, four....I get to pluck a good number of those obnoxious eyebrow hairs!

I keep going! Maybe I can get both done! I'll alternate between the two so I don't look uneven!!!


"Momeeee!!! Momeeeeeeeee! MOMEEEEEE!!!! Sharky Boy coloured on my paper!!!"

Door swings open.

It's over.

I have one tidy eyebrow and one half-gnarly eyebrow.

Sorry hairy-one, you will have to wait till my next elusive moment of peace.

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