Monday, April 16, 2012

Colours and Movies


Seriously? I had just set the oven to preheat and started getting the pan out to cook the chicken, for supper.


"Yes Mermaid Girl? I'm in the kitchen cooking supper."

"Can you colour with me?"

"Sorry, not right now. But in about 10 minutes I can."

"Awww, now!"

"Then there will be no supper when Papa gets home...he will be so hungry! And you and Sharky Boy are hungry too!"


"In 10 minutes."

"Please Momeee, I don't know what to colour. Momeee..."

"I know, colour a cow jumping over the moon!"

"Maybe. Momeee...can I watch a movie?"

"Yes...but when supper's ready you have to turn it off."

"Did you hear me, Mermaid Girl? Mermaid Girl?"

Mermaid Girl is now colouring a cow jumping over the moon AND watching "The Bee Movie."

And ignoring me, surely not on purpose, concentrating on two things is hard after all.

Wish I had the luxury to tune out like that.

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