Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Am I A Copy Cat?"

Mermaid Girl saw the drawing I made on a creative whim for my header.

She asked me how I had done it and why I had cut and glued the pieces onto a purple paper.

I told her it was because purple is my favorite colour.

Then she scampered off.

Next thing I hear a few minutes later...

"Momeeee...come look."

She doesn't really give me time to get to her or respond, so...


"Coming, coming Mermaid Girl."

She holds up her very own zen art.

It's pretty cool. I tell her so.

Then she's off again.

And then a while later I hear her freaking out.


Yes, 5, almost 6 year old's still cry. And she has quite the unique sounding freak-out cry, it's kind of a cross between a cry and a whine. {Read: puts me in pull-out-hair-mode kind of cry}

So I go over and she's got her zen art and mine and says, "I'm a copy cat!!!"

{Mental note: (insert sarcasm here) I'd like to thank the kid who introduced her to the phrase and concept of copy cat...and who made her think it was a "bad" thing}

More crying.

Deep breath. She takes one too.

" I a copy cat?"

Welllll....I tell myself to choose my words. I may have a budding Frida Kahlo here, don't want to stifle her little artistic flame, do I?

So I say, "You did copy my idea, but that's not a bad thing. Sometimes we learn by watching others. You actually didn't copy me, you liked my idea and then you made it your own. See, your picture's different than mine."

She smiles.


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